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Exciting times in the solar thermal market

Solar heating and cooling is going mainstream. The market dynamic creates new opportunities and risks:

  • How will heating equipment be sold in 2020?
  • How do existing manufacturers benefit from new partnerships?
  • Who are the new players in the market? And what will be their role?
  • How will information and communication technology change the way we use energy?

Get outside support for your planning

When you envision the future of your solar business: Get outside support to challenge your assumptions, to help identify potential partners and to assess the competitive environment.

With eight years of experience in solar thermal, I can help you keep an overview and provide a thorough analysis where you need it. Benefit from my experience as a management consultant in the old energy supply industry.

Concrete support

There is no standard package - it all depends on the situation and your needs. These are some of the services I offer:

  • Competitive analysis: Where are you in comparison to (potential) competitors? What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to theirs?
  • Strategy workshop: Whether for an annual strategy review or for a specific strategic decision—get the relevant managers together and work out the options. I help you structure the discussion and facilitate the meeting.
  • "Sparring partner": Use my outside view to develop and test your ideas.
  • Market research: Specific research that goes beyond publicly available reports.

Talk to me, if you have other needs. I co-operate with other experts and together we can provide a broad range of services to you.

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