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The person: Uwe Trenkner

I am 43 years old, married, with two children, all living together in Brussels (Belgium). 

Experience in solar thermal

In 2002, I joined the just created Brussels headquarters of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) as a project manager. Three years later, I took over the position of Secretary General and managed the office's growth to four full-time staff. I left in July 2009 to set up trenkner consulting and to continue supporting our industry - just from another angle.

During my time with ESTIF I have gained extensive insight into the solar thermal industry and established a wide contact network. I have seen the strengths of this young and dynamic industry and also some areas where the industry needs to work harder to make it a strong contender in the heating market.

Background in consulting

From 1998 to 2002 I worked at LBD in Berlin, a management consultancy specialised in the old energy supply industry. I arrived just before the liberalisation of the German gas and electricity market came into force. The energy markets then were not unlike the solar thermal market today: Very dynamic, with several (big) new players but with interesting opportunities for smaller participants. We helped our clients define their role in the market and to take advantage of the new freedom.

Related activities

A part of my work time is reserved for work on several (German) job boards, which I established with a friend since the year (environment realted jobs) and (renewable energy jobs, in co-operation with the German magazine Solarthemen). And - since March 2016 - jobs for people with roots outside of Germany.

Uwe Trenkner

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